About The Brand

The Googlebees Clothing Brand was developed for infants and toddlers, sizes 12M to 6T. We want to encourage kids to embrace their imagination and dream of fantastic places. Kids will be inspired with animated characters they can identify with. Kids will love The Googlebees because they share the same dreams 
As the brand matures we plan to introduce new characters as friends of The Googlebees to show the depth of the brand and how the brand will evolve moving forward.
Distinctive logo characteristics for the brand include 4 different colored hairs (red, yellow, white and brown) and 2 big O shaped eyes. Every animated character will have the same distinctive logo characteristics. The logo symbolizes the connection that all the animals on Animalia have with each other.
The Googlebees demographics are Newborns-6 year olds (infants and Toddlers). For the moment we are only manufacturing Boys and Girls t-shirts and polo’s. In the future we will carry a full line of infant and toddler clothing and accessories....